The Secret of German Success

While German universities may not receive significant recognition in global university rankings, it is surprising to observe the strong performance of the German economy. Germany's export levels are roughly equivalent to those of the United States, despite the latter having a population four times larger than Germany.

This suggests that there is an aspect of German university education that is not adequately represented in these rankings. It pertains to coaching and mentoring students in the practical aspects of launching and developing their businesses, business units, and careers.


Andreas KellingProfessor, Dr., M.S., B.A.

Andreas is one of the pioneers in for work-integrated learning in IBR. He is passionate about teaching strategic management and creation of new ventures in turbulent and unpredictable times. He is a member of IBR’s international management, strategy and transformation, and marketing group.

André J. WatkinsProfessor, D.Com, Engineering (D.Phil) and Technology (Ph.D)
South Africa

André is an incredible asset to IBR’s faculty, promoting academic scientific and social research, which always aims at a maximum value transfer into society. With three PhDs and exposure to global business from the East to the West and North to the South for most of his life, we are thankful for having him as research professor. He is part of IBRs operations and digital leadership group.

Adrienne RubatosMBA, MSc. B.S.

Adrienne is multifaceted: business coach, down-to-earth interculturalist, systemic consultant, engineer, and lecturer in many countries of the world. She is part of IBRs human resources group.

Keith N.ClelandProfessor, PhD, MA, BA, Dip Ed., FCPA, MACE

Keith has been dedicating his life as an academic to care for the well-being of business that he saw failing too often. This led him to reengineer the approach to financial management learning, which till today has had a tremendous impact around the world. As a pioneer in IBR, he is part of our finance group.

Danny AbramovichBA, MBA

Danny is our marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship expert. His teaching experience includes some 30 business schools in 9 EMEA countries. He is part of IBR’s international management, strategy transformation, and marketing group.

János K. IlléssyProfessor, PhD, MBA, MSc

Janos has received the highest accolades for teaching finance in our master programmes around the world. He is a great asset to IBR’s finance group.

Paula HuysamerBSc, Kandidaatsexamen, MSc, PhD
South Africa

Paula's interest in the management world focuses on investments and the facilitation of international business ventures. She is a member of IBR’s international management, strategy and transformation, and marketing group.

Andreas KielweinBA, MA

Andreas stands at the forefront of shaping international businesses for success, as consultant, trainer, and lecturer. He is a member of IBR’s operations and digital leadership group.