The Global PhD

The Global PhD is a research-based doctoral post-graduate programme at EQR 8 Level in the European Union and the UK; and NQF Level 10 in Australia and South Africa, which culminates in the development of innovative value creating products, processes, paradigms, hypotheses, theories, and solutions within the context of the field of research selected by the researcher. Research topics are characterised by a new and complex phenomenon.

The specific purpose of the Global PhD targets the application of the results of the research to the upliftment of a business, NGOs, an industry, society, or even a nation in the process to foster and establish concepts of human flourishing within a specific predetermined area of research.

Cross-pollination of subject-related and multidisciplinary research acumen are introduced as early as at the proposal stage to Global PhD researchers. Furthermore, regular debate (online-conferencing) discussion groups are conducted at group level during the tenure of the doctoral research to foster a sustained research-based culture with publications in the specified field of research to ensure continuous development mapping international research development, to the point of encouragement to undertake post-doctoral research or further PhD research.

Pure facts

Tuition feeDependent on the region
US semester credit hours42
Participants per groupmax 10
Participants during the doctoral researchmax 1
DurationTypically, 36 months
Mandatory presenceEquivalence to 7 days
Languageeither English or German
Degree awarding universityKairos University

There is no better way to learn

There is no better way to learn since the Global PhD focuses on individual researchers and their personal interests. Kairos University’s faculty mentors follow the traditional „doctor-father“ approach. They find fulfilment in accompanying experts from all over the world on their journey in conducting research in various academic disciplines all contributing to human flourishing.

Global PhD researchers appreciate that they don’t have to leave home and their workplaces to participate in evening or weekend classes. They determine their own personal schedule together with their research mentors. This would include about 72 hours of academic debates in group settings with peers and faculty mentors. Typically, the Global PhD includes academic debates via web-conferencing technology to allow Global PhD researchers to dial in from all over the world. The unique mentoring approach to PhD research saves participants at least 2-3 semesters at traditional universities.