Global MBA

The IBR Global MBA is a blend of residential periods and assignments that are designed as practical in-company projects. It is the best example of a truly work integrated MBA programme, rooted in the experience of the German dual-education. We run six weekly residential periods with IBR MBA faculty members in Europe, Asia, Australia, America, and Africa. Locations of residential periods depend on your country of residence. With a maximum of 20 students, classes are small to allow personal interaction between professors and you.

In addition to residential periods, assignments are pitched to optimise bottom-line performance at your workplace thus creating real value for you and your employer. We complement each assignment with a tutorial session, which allows faculty to coach you professionally and academically.

Pure facts

Tuition feeDependent on the region
European credits (ECTS)90
Participants per groupmax 20
Duration24 months
Course units (management problems)24
Residential periods6 (each 5 days long)
Degree awarding universityAlbstadt-Sigmaringen University

There is no better way to learn

There is no better way to learn since you work and study at the same time, managing in-house projects for you and/or your “sponsoring company” whilst being coached by our faculty, who are also active members of the business and academic community. This approach enables you to use the knowledge you have gained to create new knowledge that can be circulated immediately at your workplace and applied to new solutions, products, and services.

Thus, you and your sponsoring company benefit from the word go. If you are unable to demonstrate a bottom-line benefit to your sponsor of a minimum of 5 times the tuition fee, you may be unlikely to graduate.