Vision and Mission

Our mission keeps us inspired because we are called to:

  • provide relevant and affordable global education
  • vacate the traditional ivory tower of education, move towards to the centre of society and provide unprecedented solutions and
  • make degree programmes accessible also to those that are forgotten, underprivileged and disadvantaged by fostering the globalisation of collaborating university partners

Focus: making the impossible happen

We are a team of experienced academics and entrepreneurs that reinvented the traditional university with regards to critical components such as management, teaching and research. A proven track record of being able to think out of the box and making the impossible happen unites us as a team that comes from the different corners of the world. The most obvious evidence of making the impossible happen is IBR Institute of International Business Relations and the IBR Global MBA, which has been awarded twice since 2010 with the highest possible accolades by the German, Swiss and Austrian industries.

Focus: the real world

We are deeply moved by people that wish to create a better world but question the value of spending more and more on higher education, whilst their main goal of boosting employability and/or climbing up the career ladder is being scrutinized. The disconnectedness of ivory tower education from the real world creates a major challenge for graduates being thrown into the job market or their own companies, feeling lost and not qualified sufficiently to create meaning for themselves, their employers or their companies.

Focus: serving society

We also hear the frustration of employers around the world that are exposed to a completely inefficient traditional higher educational system. It doesn’t make sense to them to invest millions of dollars into qualifying university graduates before they finally become a profitable and valuable asset to the organisation.

Together with our collaborating partners in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe, we reach out to the next generation. We deliberately also include those that are forgotten, underprivileged and disadvantaged in making our education affordable, accessible, and relevant for everyone.

Focus: university education that truly matters

Our mission is to provide university education that truly matters. It is relevant and affordable and allows them to experience their ability to change the world already whilst studying under the guidance of faculty mentors. Employers engage with us as a preferred and professional solution provider with unprecedented return-on-investments. Academia discovers IBR as an unselfish-thinking partner that openly shares expertise, knowhow, and technology for the sake of globalising higher education by making most relevant for students, employers, and communities alike.