Our academic team

We are a team of experienced academics and entrepreneurs that reinvented the traditional university with regards to critical components such as management, teaching and research. A proven track record of being able to think out of the box and making the impossible happen unites us as a team that comes from the different corners of the world. The most obvious evidence of making the impossible happen is the amazing story of IBR Institute of International Business Relations (Germany) and its Global MBA in collaboration with Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, and its Global BA and MA, for which Kairos University in the United States awards the degree.

One cannot be more international: We come from 10 different countries. More specifically from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. On average all our faculty members draw back on working and living experience in at least three different countries. International business is part of our DNA.

Extraordinary experience: Our academic team has an average experience of 20 years in executive management positions – in international companies around the world. Two thirds run their own international businesses.

We coach our students at their workplace: we find fulfillment in equipping the younger generation with the skills required to change their worlds. As academics we love the excitement of coaching and mentoring our students in the real world at their workplaces.