Best practice for a global learning experience

IBRs students take great pride in being part of a dynamic international student community, representing regions from Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. For them, this is a unique opportunity that fosters lasting friendships and opens doors to international business opportunities that are truly one of a kind.

At IBR, students at the bachelor's and master's levels gain first-hand, depending on their home countries, on-the-ground insight into the innovations from Germany, the United States, and the dynamic start-up ecosystem of Israel. Most significantly, they apply this acquired knowledge to their own workplaces back home, resulting in a transformative experience for individuals spanning from the East to the West and the North to the South.

Furthermore, IBR offers master's and doctorate students the opportunity to immerse themselves in executive management experiences, expertise, and practices drawn from various regions around the world. This is made feasible through IBRs globally diverse faculty, who possess both working and teaching experiences across the globe. IBRs programmes are designed to be as internationally diverse as possible.