Application requirements

Successful candidates are required to demonstrate the following abilities through their application documents and two compulsory interviews with interviewers of the IBR Institute of International Business Relations (IBR).

Intellectual Capacity

IBR requires a relevant undergraduate degree (detail of which is in the discretion of IBR), or equivalent qualification.

Candidates who have not completed undergraduate degrees, but who are able to demonstrate through other means that they possess the qualities and skills necessary to complete graduate level work, may be admitted to the university based on equivalency.

Equivalency does not grant a bachelor’s degree, but merely shows that the person possesses similar understanding, skills, and knowledge as someone with a degree. Equivalency allows the Kairos University to extend the benefits of graduate education to those who can benefit from it, but who have not had the opportunity and advantage of obtaining a formal undergraduate degree.

Management Potential

Kairos University seeks candidates who are employed in a managerial position during their IBR study tenure. It is of paramount importance that candidates demonstrate their potential to assume leadership roles. The university is focused to draw candidates to their global programme, who in the first instance wishes to gain a practical orientation to business management, as opposed to a purely academic orientation. Furthermore, they are curious about how to combine their Christian faith with all aspects of professional management. Students in our current classes have on average more than 5 years postgraduate work experience. Candidates with less than two years working experience in higher management positions will regrettably not be accepted.

Personal Motivation & Maturity

The Global MA specialising in management is a demanding business experience, which is aimed to paradigmatically change your outlook on the effective and faith-based management of people and organisations. In this respect, Kairos University will seek candidates who are reflective, energetic, mature, and realistic, as well as ambitious and highly motivated. Of importance to the candidate and to IBR, is the ability to realistically assess the amount of time that will be available for the purpose of their studies.

Language Ability

The Global MA specialising in management is presented in English. Should English not be your native language, IBR will need to be satisfied that you possess an acceptable level of English language acumen (written and verbal). Please contact your local IBR office for further information. It is of importance to note that the latter requirement is not compulsory for applicants who have lived in an English-speaking country for over 2 years, or who have been educated in English.