The Secret of German Success

Even though German universities are not reflected in global MBA ratings, it comes as a surprise that the German economy performs well. Germany exports about the same than the USA, the latter who has a population four times larger than Germany. There is something in the German management education that is not reflected in these ratings; it is about coaching and mentoring student in planting and growing their businesses, business units and careers.

To conclude, the secret to the German success in management education is reflected in our MBA. This is documented by a superb quality assessment of our MBA by the German, Swiss and Austrian industries. Indeed, there is no better way to learn.


Andreas KellingDr., M.S., B.A.

Teaching strategic management and creation of new ventures in turbulent and unpredictable times:

André J. WatkinsProfessor, D.Com, Engineering (D.Phil) and Technology (Ph.D)
South Africa

André mentors IBR students in order to let them create tangible value through applied research for themselves and the businesses that they represent.

Adrienne RubatosMBA, MSc. B.S.

Solving problems in operations across cultures embraces the focus of Adrienne’s contribution to the IBR Global MBA. She incorporates into her teachings the experience of managing human resources across cultures, from Europe to the Far East and North America.

Keith N.ClelandProfessor, PhD, MA, BA, Dip Ed., FCPA, MACE

Keith's background includes executive management positions, international management consulting and ten years as Founding Professor of Accounting, Finance & Business Studies in Australia and Europe.

Danny AbramovichBA, MBA

Danny is passionate about marketing and teaching entrepreneurs and larger companies to communicate effectively

János K. IlléssyPhD, MBA, MSc

Janos has a passion for teaching financial management. Within the context of the IBR Global MBA he invests himself in equipping executives with tools that they are able to apply in practice.

Paula HuysamerBSc, Kandidaatsexamen, MSc, PhD
South Africa

Paula's interest in the management world focuses on investments and the facilitation of international business ventures.

Andreas KielweinBA, MA

As a member in the IBR Global MBA faculty, Andreas focuses on coaching executives in order to equip them with the required skills to create successful new ventures as intra- or entrepreneurs.