Made in Germany

The obvious first question with highly motivated individuals presented with a plethora of diverse MBA options in the market available, is why attain a German MBA as opposed to any other MBA?

While this question can be answered with a number of good and valid business reasons, the most important being the fact that while traditional MBA schools are focused on attaining a pure academic qualification, the German Global MBA is more focused on practical applied orientation, which is industry driven. In this respect, German manufactured goods and services are worldwide considered to be the best, which is underpinned by a booming German economy and export track record, made possible by German know-how and entrepreneurship.

IBR - designing a world class MBA

Products and services carrying the brand MADE in GERMANY immediately signify quality and exceptional associated skills. The same maxim applies to the Global MBA, which provides a world class MBA of quality and significance to equip its students with extraordinary business management acumen. Evidence gives the second Premium Quality Accreditation of the Global MBA, which even exceeds the quality requirements for master programmes as stated by German and Swiss industries already since 2010.