Global MBA

The Global MBA is an unprecedented example of truly work-integrated learning: an incredible combination of innovation in the 21st century with more than 500 years of experience in German professional education.

Global MBA students solve 24 real management problems at their workplace. IBR moves the traditional classroom out of the ivory tower to where business executives spend most of their time: to their workplaces. Here, in the most natural environment they engage in generating implementable solutions in order to change their personal worlds: An outstanding learning productivity unseen in traditional MBAs.

Our students enjoy being coached over 24 months by faculty experts and fellow students. IBR’s learning design mirrors what we call on-the-job training, only at an executive level: a very sensible way to learn.

Highlights in the Global MBA are 6 weekly interactive workshops around the world (locations depend on where students work) with international faculty experts that share what you cannot find in textbooks.

The combination sets the grounds for the most innovative and unique learning environment.

Credits (European ECTS) 90 (45 US credits)
Participants per group 25 max
Duration 24 months
Courses (management problems to solve) 24
Residential periods 6
Duration of a residential period 5 days