Cannot be more Global

You study with, and are exposed to, students from different countries, and may participate in residential periods in Shanghai, New York, Melbourne or Berlin to give examples. IBR Global MBA faculty members that live in 10 different countries coach you during the two years of study. This happens through personal interaction during residential periods, Skype meetings and tutoring sessions that are organised as web-conferences.

Best Faculty Members from around the World

All faculty members draw on an average of 15 years of executive management and 20 years of pedagogical experience. The majority of them lived in three and more countries. Because of that they are able to relate to you no matter where you live. In addition, your study will be based on teaching materials that have been developed on all five continents.

At the same time tasks are all aimed to localise sensitively global know-how and skills by applying and implementing key aspects in your local business environment.